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Vindale Research Review

Vindale research claims that you can make money by reviewing products and by taking online surveys. But they are really lying to you. They are not a market research company and do not pay you to complete surveys. They pay you to fill out trials for products and services. I donít have a problem with sites that pay you to fill out forms and get paid for trying out products. However, I do have a problem when a site tries to trick you into thinking you are doing a paid survey, when in reality you arenít.

What Vindale research is doing is called sugging. Sugging means they are trying to sell products under the disguise of doing market research. This is a very unethical practice and I would not recommend joining Vindale research.

I am very tired of coming across sites that claim to be a paid survey or a market research site when they really arenít. If you know of any other sites like vindale research please send me an email with the address of the website so I can warn people about these bad sites.

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