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Toluna Survey Group Review

The Toluna website is maintained by Toluna Group, which is a market research company based in Dallas, Texas. I have only been a member of their survey site for two weeks so I havenít yet reached the payment threshold. So far I really like being a part of their community, you can earn points fairly easily by logging in once a day and checking if there are any new polls to answer.

Polls are basically a starter questionnaire that if you match there criteria you will be asked to take a full survey, which lasts ten to fifteen minutes and can, range in point values of 1,000 to 3,000.

How to Earn Points:
500 for joining
75 to 120 for doing a sponsored preliminary poll
1000 to 3000 for finishing a full survey
600 for each personal interest questionnaire (Only four available at this time)
500 for referring others
100 for writing your opinion on topics (This is limited to 5000 points a month)

There are two options:
60,000 points is twenty dollars. You can only receive payment in increments of twenty dollars. If you have 90,000 points and request a check you will receive 20 bucks and have 30,000 points remaining in your account.

75,000 points is worth a twenty-five dollar visa gift card. There is a fee of two dollars if you choose the gift card.

Ratings range from five to one. Five is the best and one the worst.

Rating of Toluna: 3
Itís pretty easy to check every couple of days to see if you can fill out a new poll. Plus you donít have to wait for an email invitation which is nice. I only gave them a 3 because I havenít been a member for very long and havenít reached the payout minimum yet, but so far they are looking to be legitimate and a decent money maker. Stay tuned Iíll update this once I receive my first payment.

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