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Swag Bucks

The premise of Swag Bucks is similar to Blingo. You perform a web search (the search engine is a mix of Google and Ask) using their site, and for each search you do there is a chance to win reward points.

You can spend these reward points on gift cards, cash, or merchandise. They never reveal how often or what the odds are that you will actually win. However, when you do win it is very small. So far I’ve only won once and it was for two Swag Bucks. It takes seventy points to receive five dollars through Paypal. One hundred twenty-five points gets you a ten dollar Barnes and Noble gift card.

Swag Bucks does have a referral program. Each person you refer you can earn up to a hundred reward points every time they win. So if a friend wins three points you get three points too.

On my first search I won two Swag Bucks, so I was pretty happy. But the search results left a lot to be desired. The first few results were all sponsored ones, and on the second page were actual websites from the search engines. This could have been because I searched for “paid surveys”. When I searched for “GE money bank” there was only one sponsored result on the top page.

Each review we give a site a rating from five to one. Five is the best and one the worst.

Swag Bucks Rating: 3

It seems like a legit website, we haven’t seen any complaints about it, but we haven’t earned enough points to reach payment yet. As for a way to make extra money you’d be better off trying something different. This might be fun for a little while, but you’ll never make any serious money with Swag Bucks.

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