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Review of Survey Scout

Survey Scout is not a market research company; they only provide a list of paid survey companies if you pay the membership fee of $34.95. We have taken the time to research this website, and all our findings suggest that Survey Scout is not only a waste of money, but a scam as well. There are many complaints from their members posted on message boards, so we have very good reasons to support our opinion.

One of the biggest problems with Survey Scout is that they lie to their members. They promise their members a list of over 400 paid survey sites for their joining fee, but most of the sites listed are either well known or outdated.  Some of the survey sites listed on Survey Scout's database don't even work. Also, you can find all of the information they are "selling" for free. Not only do we provide a list of survey sites for free, at Zses.com, we rate and review survey websites with an unbiased opinion. We research these companies so you don't have to.

So why are there so many websites out there that actually say good things about them?  Because referring members to Survey Scout is how they get paid. Trust our opinion and do not sign up for Survey Scout, you will be disappointed if you do.

Many people have said they have signed up with Survey Scout and have tried to get their money refunded, but Survey Scout just ignores them.  If this has happened to you, call your credit card provider and let them know that they won't refund your money.  Usually the credit card company will side with you and credit your account.

Our list of paid surveys we have rated and reviewed.

Contact Info for Survey Scout:
Address: Richard Saulsbury
3210 E Chinden Blvd #115
Eagle, ID
Phone Number: Unlisted
Email: ContactUsFromOurSite@simpleurl.com

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ItPaysToLearn, Panda Research, Snap Dollars, Viva Research.
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