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Appraisal of Survey Club

This site does not distribute surveys for money, basically they do they same thing we do, which is review free paid survey sites. By registering with this site you are pretty much just signing up for their newsletter. They aren't a good information resource about surveys for money.

Survey Club is owned and operated by Survey Club Inc. and has been in business since 2003.

Since Survey Club is only a directory of paid surveys we used a different criteria to rate them on:

  • How many new sites they introduced to us.
  • If we received an increase in spam, specifically work at home spam.
  • If they provided any help besides a list of sites.

  • As usual our scores range from one to five, one is a poor mark and five a very good one.

    Survey Club: 1

    We do not receive surveys from this company, but they do usually send out a newsletter about once every week. Since they don't update their site very often and since they seldom send out a newsletter we had no choice but to give survey club a 1. Plus our inbox started to receive some more spam after we signed up with them, coincidence?

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    List of free paying survey sites.

    Contact them Directly:
    Address: RS Online Solutions, Inc
    7128 NW 14th Ave
    Gainesville, FL
    Phone Number: 352-381-1855

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