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Survey Adventure

Survey Adventure is not really a paid survey site; they provide a list of market research companies that you can sign up for and take paid surveys with. They say they have over 300 market research companies listed, but I wouldn’t join them even if they say they have over 1000 companies listed, because you will receive tons and tons of spam if you do. Survey Adventure will email you with paid survey companies and other opportunities to make money. But all of the emails won’t be for good sites, and many of the sites they advertise are bad and a waste of your time.

Also, they don’t provide any kind of ratings or reviews of the survey companies they list. So you don’t know if you are joining a good company or not. If you want to join them just to see their list of survey sites I would recommend using a free email address provided by Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Register a free email account with one of those sites and use it to sign up with Survey Adventure. This way you won’t receive a ton of spam in your regular email.

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Survey Adventure was Rated: 1
Overall I think Survey Adventure is a waste of time. I wouldn’t recommend joining them either.

Survey Adventure Website

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