I have compiled a list of market research companies that will pay you to
complete simple online surveys that usually take between 15 to 30 minutes
to finish. Some survey topics include: cell phones, movies, music, food,
video games and more.  Each company is a legitimate market research firm
and pays a different amount for your time.  I have also rated these
businesses based on my own experience.  The ratings are from five to one
with five being the highest score and one the lowest.  The ratings are based
on the following:

  • How many surveys I receive.
  • How much I get paid per survey.
  • How quickly I receive payment.

Please note that all of these companies are free to participate in and you
cancel your membership with them at anytime.  The companies are listed
below with a brief description and I have an in depth review of each
company if you wish to read it.

Most of the survey sites listed on this page require you to live in the USA or
Canada.  You can still join any of these sites but you might not receive very
many survey invitations.  Currently we are working on finding more sites
for people who live outside of USA and Canada.  Right now we have a list
of survey sites for people who live in
Australia and UK.

Cash Crate (Worldwide)
Get paid to join free websites, get paid to complete surveys, and more at
Click Here to Join Cash Crate

Our Rating of Cash Crate   4
Information about CashCrate and our rating.

SwagBucks (Worldwide)
Earn Swagbucks by searching, completing offers, and more! Swagbucks
can be exchanged for gift cards, paypal payment, video games and many
more prizes.
Click Here to Join SwagBucks

Our Rating of SwagBucks  3
Read our review of SwagBucks for more details.
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Toluna Survey Group (USA Only)
Get paid to complete surveys online. Join Toluna Online Surveys.
Join Toluna

Our Rating of Toluna Survey Group 3
Review of Toluna

SurveySavvy (Worldwide)
Take Surveys - Get Rewards!  Take fun surveys for real cash and rewards while shaping the products and services of the future! (Worldwide members needed!)
Click Here to Join with SurveySavvy

Our Rating of SurveySavvy 4
Information about Survey Savvy and our rating.

Home Business Match Up (USA & Canada Only)
HomeBusinessConnection.com's business interest survey will match you with 5 opportunities that you can start right away! Create instant cash flow.  $200-$10,000+ monthly. Retire early. No experience needed. (US and Canada)
Click Here to Join Home Business Match Up

Our Rating of Home Business Match Up 4
Information about Home Business Match up and our rating.

Opinion Surveys (USA Only)
Answer Surveys, Win $4,000.
Click Here to Join Opinion Surveys

Our Rating of Opinion Surveys 4
Information about Opinion Surveys and our rating.

Global Test Market (Worldwide)
Complete online surveys and earn cash from GlobalTestMarket.
Join GlobalTestMarket

Our Rating of Global Test Market 3
Information about Global Test Market and our rating.

ECN Research (USA Only)
Like shopping and expressing your opinion?  We'll give you a chance to do both.  Voice your opinion and win a $500 shopping spree.
Click Here to Join ECN Research

Our Rating of ECN Research 2
Information about ECN Research and our rating.

American Consumer Opinion (Worldwide)
American Consumer Opinion pays between $4 and $10 per survey.  Plus you are entered into a monthly drawing of $100.  You can also participate in Online Focus Groups, which pay between $10 - $35 per Focus Group.
Click Here to Join American Consumer Opinion

Our Rating of American Consumer Opinion 2
Information about American Consumer Opinion and our rating.

MyPoints (USA Only)
Earn Rewards for shopping online, reading email, taking surveys, and playing games at MyPoints.
Join MyPoints

Rating for MyPoints 2
Read our review of MyPoints.

Panda Research (USA Only)
Get Paid for your opinion, Up to $5 to $35 for every survey and offer completed.  Make your opinions Count, your opinions are worth money now get paid for it.
Join Panda Research

Our Rating of Panda Research 1
Information about Panda Research and our rating.

Paid Surveys.com (USA & Canada Only)
Paid Surveys.com - Earn Rewards Taking Online Surveys - Join Free today!
Join Paid Surveys.com

Our Rating of Paid Surveys.com 1
Information about Paid Surveyscom and our rating.

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