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Survey Lion is run by Canadian Viewpoint a market research company that is based in Ontario. Their survey panel is accepting people from anywhere in the world, but most of their surveys are for Canadian residents.

This site does offer a referral program but not an affiliate program. What I mean is you can refer your friends and family by sending them an email through the Survey Lion website. If they decide to join your account will be credited C$5.00 as long as they as become an active member. An active member is a person who has completed one survey or attempted three surveys but did not qualify. The Survey Lion referral program is not considered an affiliate program because they only allow you to send email invitations to other people you can not post a referral link to a website.

Their surveys can be worth C$1.00 to C$10.00. You can request your payment at anytime and you will receive a check in the mail about four to six weeks after itís requested. Please keep in mind their payments are in Canadian dollars not US.

We Give a Rating of 5 to 1. 5 is the best and 1 the worst.
Zses.comís Rating of Survey Lion: 4

If you live in Canada and want to take market research surveys you need to join Survey Lion. If you live outside of Canada you should probably join a different survey panel because you wonít receive many surveys.

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