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Beliefnet Inc owns and operates Soul Match and started the website in
2004. Profiles are free to fill out and you also have the options to conduct
searches and send sparks to other members.

You can search for members on Soul Match in a couple of different ways.  
First you can do a quick search, like looking up your zip code or character
type, or you can get a broad listing for you to look at. This is a one-way
match search.

If you want to do a Soul Match search, you just seek members that have
values and characteristics that you are looking for on your

There is also a soul-to-soul search that uses your values from your
questionnaire and it matchs with what another person is looking for, so it's
a two-way match.

Searches can be saved and you can look back at recent searches. If you are
interested in a person, you can send them a sparks or an instant message on Sparks lets the person know you're interested and you can
receive one back from the person.

Your email is always protected since Soul Match has there own emailing
service, so everything remains anonymous. But you have to have a
subscription in order to send email, but reading and replying is free.

Our ratings are based on the following criteria:

  • Features including:
  • Pictures
  • Chat rooms
  • Video Chat
  • Compatibility Tests
  • If they run a background screening.
  • How long the free trial is for.

Our rating is from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the best.

We Gave Soul Match a 3
Our Reason:  They are a pretty decent online dating service and they do
check over profiles to make sure they are accurate and not fraudulent.  
They just don’t have any great features that set them apart from other
dating sites.

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