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This is an average get paid to read email website. Typically you will earn between five cents to a penney for each email read. Plus you can earn extra by trying out products and services.

SendEarnings was owned by SE Web Inc., but was bought by CotterWeb Enterprises Inc. in 2005.

CotterWeb is the same company that runs InboxDollars. Since they were bought out, SendEarnings has turned into a clone of their other site. It has all the same features as InboxDollars; you earn a five dollar bonus when you sign-up, you can make extra money by using the the products in the email, and you can sign-up for survey sites in the membership area to add a little extra money to your account. One big difference is you need $40.00 in your account before you can request payment at SendEarnings, but at InboxDollars you can receive your check only after earning $30.00.

For every review we give each site a rating from five to one.

  • Five: Best, we highly recommend you join
  • Four: Great, we make good money through that site every month
  • Three: Average, we sometimes reach payment with this site every month
  • Two: Bad, this rating means a website is difficult to reach payout even once
  • One: Scam, if a wesbite earns a rating of one don't join!
  • SendEarnings Rating: 2

    We gave them a 2 because you can really make a little bit from them each month. We usually receive 3-4 paid emails a week from them. The only downside is after you reach the minimum payment which is $40.00 you have to wait a month to receive your cash.

    If you are only interested in making "free" money, as in you don't have to pay to try out products/services you are better off avoiding this website and trying somewhere else. As it stands at making five cents an email it will take you forever to reach the forty dollar limit.

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    Article was last updated on 11/25/2008.

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