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Review of SearchCactus

It has been in business since 1999 and is owned by SearchCactus LLC. There are several ways you make money with SearchCactus. First off you receive cash by visiting specially marked websites when you using their search engine.  You make $.01 for each website you visit and you can only visit 15 websites in one day.

Another way you make money is by trying out products and services through the Quick Cash section of SearchCactus.

Finally you earn $0.20 for each person you refer. You can have up to 20 referrals. Plus, you recieve $3.00 for just joining SearchCactus. You will receive your money once your balance reaches $20.00. Checks are mailed on the 25th of the month.

Since SearchCactus is not really a survey site we used different criteria:

  • How much we can earn a day by searching.
  • How much we made through quick cash offers.(free offers only)

  • As usual we gave them a number between one and five, one being a bad score and five a good one.

    SearchCactus: 3

    The reason for the mediocre score is because they limit the number of paid searches you can do and they limit the number of referrals you can have. Overall, you can earn some extra money with them, but you can make more money with other sites.

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    Contact Info:
    Address: SearchCactus, Llc
    3250 W. Big Beaver Rd
    Troy, MI
    Phone Number: 248-816-7100

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