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Pay per Post

We have recently come across a new way to make extra money through the Internet. Itís called Pay per Post and you make money by posting your thoughts on specific message boards and websites. It is similar to writing an article and getting paid, but on a much smaller scale since an article can take a lot of time and research. With a pay per post site you can make from $0.05 to $0.25 per message. This might not sound like a lot, but you can make several posts per hour so it can add up. There are different requirements for each website and each site pays a different amount. Make sure you read there guidelines before you join.

Some basic rules are no one sentence posts or one word posts like: lol, smiley face, or first. Your post canít be flaming another person either. A flame post is using rude or obscene words about someone. The message should be constructive criticisms or comments about the topic being discussed.

If you are wondering why a company would pay you to do this, we will try to explain. We donít own or operate one of these sites, nor do we know their business model, we are just giving an educated guess, but we do know about search engines and how to get traffic from them. Weíre assuming they are paying you to write content for their site so they can be higher in the search engineís lists. If they pay you to write the content they wonít have to, and paying you is much cheaper than paying professionals. So itís a cost effective way to create a community and a website that generates a lot of traffic from search engines.

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