Zses.com's Review of Panda Research

This site is free to join and all the sites listed on Zses.com are free to
participate in.  Panda Research tries to fool you into thinking they are a paid
survey site, but they really aren't.  They send you "surveys" to your email
address, but the only way to receive money is if you buy the product at the
end of their survey.  Plus we have read some pretty bad things about this
site on the Internet.  Many people complain that Panda Research has never
paid them, and that they don't respond to emails if you have a problem with
receiving payment.

Our rating is from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.
Our rating is based on these factors:
  • How many surveys we receive from a company a week.
  • How much we get earn per survey.
  • How quickly we receive payment.

We gave Panda Research a 1
Our Reason:
Panda Research is a big waste of time don't bother joining them.

Click here to see our list of of real surveys sites that pay.

Company Contact Information:
Address: A&A Marketing Inc
1477 E Winslowe dr, 102
Palatine, IL
Phone Number: 847-572-3256
Email: support@pandaresearch.com
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