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How much money do you think you can earn from a paid to click website;
maybe a few extra dollars a week, maybe an extra hundred or two a
month?  This all depends on upon joining a good paid to click site and how
well you promote your referral link.  

At we have several paid to read sites reviewed for you.  Paid to
read sites and paid to click sites are pretty similar in nature.  You are
basically clicking on advertisements you are interested in.  

Promoting your referral link should be a big part of your paid to click
business.  Think about it this way; you can only click so many ads yourself,
but if you have a couple hundred people working under you doing the same
thing you can potentially earn a lot more.  

One good way to promote your referral link is buying ads on the paid to
click websites you are members of.  You can usually get a few referrals
that way.  Another thing to do is submit your referral link to search
engines.  If you have a lot of spare time you can build your own website
about paid to click programs.  

So back to the original question, how much money can you earn from these
programs?  Well I personally earn about $50.00 to $75.00 a month from
these programs.  That is with several hundred referrals.  But that money is
easily earned; because I don’t really have to do that much work for it.  
Most of my referrals do the work and I make a little from each one.  That is
the beauty of paid to click.  You want to be a referral machine not a clicking
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