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Paid Email Reviews Updated

We first wrote our reviews of the paid email sites a year ago.  Since that
time we have gotten a lot more referrals, but our earnings have remained
stagnant.  We figure that most people who join from our site probably
become inactive and it’s really hard to find people who are motivated with
paid emails.  We are writing this to give you an update on our reviews,
some of the sites have changed their downline rules, and some have
decreased the amount they pay per email.

The top paid email sites remain the same.  Inboxdollars, Hits4Pay, and
HTMail are all great ones to join.  They remain our top earners; we are
currently averaging about $200 a month with Inboxdollars, $30 a month
with Hits4Pay, and about $5 a month with HTMail.  

We’ve noticed a lot of complaints about Hits4Pay recently.  Some people
claim they will never be able to reach the payout amount of $25.  That site
does have a high payout threshold, but it is attainable if you get a lot of
referrals and by a lot we mean at least 100.  If you don’t like referring
people you should probably avoid Hits4Pay, because without any referrals it
will take a very long time to reach payout.

The sites that are on a downward slide include Avant-Cash, Cash for action,
Dollar for action, and Storm of Cash.  When we first signed up with Avant-
Cash they had a two level downline.  Now they only have a one level
downline.  Cash for action and Dollar for action, and Storm of Cash are all
paying less per email. Cash for action and dollar for action used to pay $.01
per email, but now they are only paying $.007 to $.005 per email.  Storm of
Cash is under new ownership and so far doesn’t have as many paid ads and
the payout minimum has been raised.

It is still possible to make extra money with paid email sites.  We suggest
joining Inboxdollars, Hits4Pay, and HTMail if you haven’t already.  Keep
working on getting referrals, because with them you will be able to make a
lot more money.
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