Listed below are companies that will pay you to read email.  We have
rated these sites based on the following criteria.

  • How many paid email we receive a day.
  • How much you earn for each paid email.
  • How much you earn from your referrals.
  • What the minimum payment is.

Our rating is from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the best.

Hits4Pay (Worldwide)
This site is a great resource to find ways to make money on the Internet.  
They send ads to your email address.  I receive about 5 ads a day from this
website.  You pick the type of ads you want to receive like surveys, work
at home, contests, business opportunities, and many more.
Click Here to Join Hits4Pay

Our Rating of Hits4Pay   5
Information about Hits4Pay and our rating go here.

Cash Crate (Worldwide)
Get paid to join free websites, get paid to complete surveys, and more at
Click Here to Join Cash Crate

Our Rating of Cash Crate   4
Information about CashCrate and our rating.

SwagBucks (Worldwide)
Earn Swagbucks by searching, completing offers, and more! Swagbucks
can be exchanged for gift cards, paypal payment, video games and many
more prizes.
Click Here to Join SwagBucks

Our Rating of SwagBucks  3
Read our review of SwagBucks for more details.

HTMail (Worldwide)
This is one of the best paid email programs out there.  You earn $.02 for
each paid email plus $.10 for each feedback form you complete which takes
about 5 mins.
Click Here to Join HTMail

Our Rating of HTMail   4
Information about HTMail and our rating go here.

SendEarnings (USA Only)
Get Paid to Sign Up, Refer Others, Read E-Mail, Complete Offers, and
Click Here to Join SendEarnings

Our Rating of SendEarnings   2
Information about SendEarnings and our rating go here.

MyPoints (USA Only)
Get Free Gift Cards, Airline Miles, Vacations & more at MyPoints.
Join MyPoints

Our Rating of MyPoints   2
Review of MyPoints

Snap Dollars (Worldwide)
Make easy money from home!  Get paid to read emails, complete surveys
and offers, play games, go shopping, refer your friends and more.
Click Here to Join Snap Dollars

Our Rating of Snap Dollars   1
Information about Snap Dollars and our rating.
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