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I have come across many scams while running my own website and searching for paid survey sites to review. It seems like these sites have a few common attributes that they share. If you come across any of these in the list below, you should be suspicious and look for a review of the site first before you join. (Although not all reviews are accurate, so you should check a couple of sites to make sure.)

Reasons to be suspicious of a website:
They charge a fee - some sites will charge you a fee usually $20 to $50 to become a member of their site and see a list of market research companies. I donít think many sites still do this, but you donít need to pay a website to see a list when you can find the information for free.

They require you to complete an offer to join Ė a similar scam to the previous one is they will require you to complete an offer to join their site. An offer usually requires you to supply your credit card and buy something from a third party website.

They just ask for your email address and no other information Ė I would be wary of any website that just asks for your email address to join. They might be legit, so just in case I would use a secondary email that you use only for surveys. This way if they are a scam and they send you a bunch of Spam you wonít receive any in your regular email and you wonít have to worry about viruses being sent to your email contacts.

Another tip to avoid scams is not to open anything from your email messages. If you receive an email for a survey invitation or really anything, normally I close my email program, open up my web browser and go to the survey site itself to check if the invitation is legitimate. You can usually access available surveys directly from the website and in your account.

Known Scams Legitimate Surveys
Survey Club Survey Savvy
Survey ScoutNFO MySurvey
Project PaydayAmerican Consumer Opinion
Opinion Outpost

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