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An online survey is a tool that businesses and market research companies
use to get feedback about products and services.  You can make extra
money by joining market research companies and participating in online
surveys.  Usually you earn between $1-$25 for each online survey you
complete.  Let me give you some tips on how to make the most money out
of online surveys.  Join multiple market research companies, keep your
profiles up to date, and get a free email address.

Many people think if they just sign up for one paid survey company they
will receive enough surveys to make a decent amount of money if only it
was that easy.  Usually a market research company will send you one or
two surveys in a week.  Now lets say you join ten paid survey companies
that would increase the number from one to two a week to ten to twenty a
week.  Please keep in mind that you will not receive the same number of
surveys every week.

Another key element is keeping your profiles current.  This is probably one
of the most important things to do.  If you keep your profile up to date you
will receive more online surveys.  Market research is directed towards a
certain demographic, which might be age, gender, race, moms or dads,
parents with infants, college students, recent graduates, and many others.  
It can be a pain keeping your profiles up to date, but if you don’t you won’t
receive many online surveys.  Make sure when you first join you fill out the
entire profile and if you have any changes in your life like you get married,
have a child, or graduate you take some time to adjust your profile.

One more tip I have to offer is, get another email account.  It is much easier
to sign up for a free email account with Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google than to
give out your personal email address and risk getting spam.  Plus having a
second email account helps keep your messages organized.

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