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MySurvey Summation

MySurvey is a very popular online survey company. They have a free membership, and you can earn $10.00 to $0.50 per market research survey completed. You can also win $10,000 simply by logging into your account in their quarterly sweepstakes. Everytime you log in you receive one entry.

MySurvey uses a point system. You earn points for each survey you take, and you can exchange them for cash by requesting a check (minimum of $10.00 or 1,000 points). If you order a check you will receive it within three to four weeks of requesting it. There are other options for spending your points; you can spend them on raffle tickets, or you can donate your points to a charity of your choice.

MySurvey has several different raffles every month. One raffle ticket costs 25 points and you can buy as many tickets you want as long as you have enough points. The chance of winning is based on how many total raffle tickets are sold and how many you buy; we don't recommend buying raffle tickets unless you are feeling lucky. The prizes are usually something more extravagant, like a new laptop computer, a treadmill, or $1,500 cash. You may buy select merchandise with your points from smaller items like; magazine subscriptions, phone cards, toaster ovens, to bigger items like; portable DVD players, refrigerators, and HDTVs.

If you are generous you may donate your points to a charity. You need at least 1000 accumulated points before you can make a donation. The available charities are American Heart Association, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, "I Have A Dream", Make-A-Wish Foundation, National Emergency Response Team, Save the Children, and United Nations Children's Fund.

It seems they have changed their payments a little bit. Now they have a lot more gift categories to choose from, and they have paypal as a payment option. The bad news is now you can't request a check for any amount. The most you can request is one hundred dollars at a time. More bad news is they now attach a $1.50 processing fee to any item or payment you choose.

We give every site we review a score from one to five based on the following:

  • If we get any survey invitations.
  • How much we make for completing one.
  • How fast they send our compensation.
  • Our Score for MySurvey: Five!

    The surveys are usually short, easy to understand, and will take between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Some survey topics include credit cards, cars, and cell phones. MySurvey will sometimes send products for you to test. Once we received a dandruff shampoo to test. We had to use the product for three weeks, and then we filled out a questionnaire online. Incase this review sounds familiar MySurvey and National Family Opinion are the same website. We have two reviews because most people don't realize they are the same.

    Communicate. Get Heard. Get Rewarded. MySuvey.

    Contact This Site:Same as National Family Opinion.

    Images of payments I have gotten. Click on the image for full size.

    Yes it does say five hundred seventy dollars. That was for two months work. Most of my earnings are from referrals, but I do have to take surveys to remain an active member.

    Not nearly as much from my first photo, but still a decent amount of money for a couple months of work. It says three hundred sixty dollars.

    I have been requesting my payments every other month because I haven't been making as much money with MySurvey, but that is because my website hasn't been getting as much traffic.

    After March 2010 they changed their payouts from members being able to choose any amount over ten dollars to set amounts at 10,20,30 all the way up to one hundred dollars. You can also request a payment through paypal, but there is now a one dollar and fifty cents processing fee for each check you request which is a big bummer in my opinion.

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