As of June 2013 myLot No Longer Pays Its Members!

Below is our old review. We will be updating our review in the near future.

At myLot you earn extra money by posting discussions in their forums. You can earn $0.05 to $0.25 per post. This might not sound like a lot, but you are not limited to the number of posts you can make a day. Your earnings are updated daily, and there is a minimum amount of $10 you need before you can receive payment. They pay via paypal once a month.

In order to make money for posting a discussion the post must be a few sentences long. You canít make lots of money just by replying to every post you see with a lol or one word answer. Try and make an intelligent post that adds to the conversation. The longer and more you add to a discussion the more you will make per post.

Every member can rate other peopleís posts. If you make too many bad posts you will start to make less per post.

myLot also has a referral program. You earn 25% of your referrals earnings; if you can recruit a dozen very active members you can really make some extra money.

This is a fairly new website, but looks to be growing fast and is a paying company.

Every site we review we give them a rating from one to five based on:

  • How much we earned per post.
  • How easy their website is to navigate, understand, and start earning.
  • How fast they send payment.
  • One is the lowest rating and five the highest.

    myLot: 4
    If you like talking to people in discussion boards you should join myLot. Best of all myLot accepts members from any country.

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    Images of myLot payment (they pay through paypal.)
    You can click on the picture to bring up a larger one.

    This is my total payment since I've been a member. As you can see I started to increase my earnings every month but then it dropped off around Feb 2009. I believe this happened because they changed how much people make per post.

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