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A long distance relationship can be very difficult to maintain.  It takes two
dedicated and honest people to make it work.  How do I know this, because
I myself have been in a long distance relationship, and we made it work.  If
that doesn’t allow me to give you some advice I don’t know what will.  

Let me start out by telling you about my relationship.  Four years ago we
met online.  We were instant messaging each other a couple hours every
day.  We were instant messaging each other for about two months before
we sent each other a picture.  The first five months were spent mostly
communicating over the Internet, but we did talk over the phone and email
each other too.

When summer began and I was out of college for vacation I went to see
her.  For our first in person meeting we were both a little nervous.  But
after the initial shock of finally meeting a person I had been talking with for
a long time wore off we had a great time.

Then the hard part came, and I had to go back to my apartment four hours
away.  I think the way we were able to keep our long distance relationship
alive was we trusted each other and we were honest.  I didn’t really worry
about her cheating on me because I trusted her and she did the same.  It
can be hard to trust someone when they are so far away, but if you don’t
your relationship won’t work out.  

Another important aspect of our relationship was we were honest with each
other.  I think trust and honesty go hand in hand you can’t have one
without the other.

We would call each other everyday and talk for a couple hours.  I’m not
saying that you should call each other everyday, but maybe you should set
aside a specific time during the week when you can talk to each other.  We
would also send each other email.  It’s nice looking through your email and
finding a message from your girlfriend or boyfriend.  

It can be very difficult maintaining a long distance relationship, but if you
are both honest, trusting, and willing to work at it you should be able to
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