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iWon is a sweepstakes website where you earn entries by searching and
clicking on links.  You can earn a maximum of 100 entries per day. You
earn 12 entries per search and 5 per link clicked.  They have three prizes; a
weekday prize worth $10,000, a weekend prize worth $1,000, and an
annual prize worth one million dollars.  Each entry is counted towards the
weekday or weekend prize and the annual prize.

The winners are selected at random by a computer.  The weekday and
weekend winners are drawn the next day, and are notified within a week of
winning.  Winners are notified by phone, postal mail, or email.  In order to
claim your prize you must be a resident of the United States, a U. S.
territory, or be a resident of Canada except from Quebec.  The annual
sweepstake began on April 1st 2006 and will end March 31st 2007.  The
winner of the annual prize will be announced around April 15th 2007.  

To be eligible to win you must first register at iWon.

Ratings range from 5 to 1, 5 being the highest quality and 1 the lowest.
We Gave iWon a 1
Our Reason:  Although it is a nice search website that provides good
features like email, news, and sports scores, you can’t make any money
with iWon unless you are really lucky, or as we like to say, have “the luck
of the draw.”

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