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Review of HTMail

This is an excellent GPTR e-mail site. You can earn up to $.12 for each paid email you read if you fill out the feedback form which takes a couple of minutes to do.  This is an excellent site to make some extra money with. It is free to join.

Another great feature is its referral program where you can earn $.03 for each referral that completes the feedback form for the paid emails. Plus for each person your referral refers you earn $.01. This is an excellent program to make extra money with.

Plus with this GPTR there is no minimum payment level. You can receive your payment either with a check or through paypal. They pay every quarter, which means you will receive your money every three months.

This website is owned and operated by HTMail LTD and has been in business since 1997.

For every review we give each site a rating, which ranges from 5 to 1, 5 is the pinnacle and 1 the worst.

HTMail Earned: 4
Simply put if you are interested in GPTR or earning extra money online this is a good program to join. In December 2006 we received our first check from HTMail worth $28.55 we are hoping to increase this amount by boosting our referrals, but they really do pay!

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