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Review of Hits4Pay

Multiple Stream Media, an online ad agency owns and operates Hits4Pay, which has been in business for 4 years.  We have been a member for three years and five months. A great feature of this program is you earn $10 when you sign up. Most of their paid email topics are about starting your own online business, business ideas, and other ways of making money online.  If you are interested in any of these subjects I highly recommend joining this site, because they are a great source of information.  Even if you aren't interested in those topics this program is a very high earner, and you will be able to make some extra money from them.

Ratings range from five to one, five is the highest quality and one the poorest.

Hits4Pay Rating: Perfect 5!
We receive a couple paid emails a day from them. You earn $.02 for each, and $.01 from your referrals, the highest in the industry! Currently we are making about $30 a month from our first level of referrals with 1012 referrals, and about $25 a month from our second level with 701 referrals. You will receive a check in the mail once your earnings total $25. If you do receive a check they have a processing fee of $2.00 which is deducted from your payment.

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Update on July 22, 2008
As of today I have referred 1529 people and they have referred 1552 new members. Over the last year my downline has really grown in fact it has almost doubled. Hits4pay doesn't mail checks anymore they pay through paypal so there is no longer a $2.00 check processing fee. With my downline continuing to grow my monthly earnings are increasing too. Now I am averaging about $80.00 a month with a high of $135.82 during April. Although it seems during the summer things slow down and June, July, and August are the lowest earning months this summer so far hasn't been that bad. Make sure you read at least one email a month to keep your account active. I hope to keep expanding my downline and increasing my earnings.

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