Index | Paid Surveys | Paid Email | Articles | Privacy Policy | Contact's Review of Helium is an excellent get paid to write articles website. It has a new unique system that allows users to add their own articles and rate other people’s work.

Each article your write must be approved by the other writers at Helium. The way it works is; after you submit your first article you are given two pieces to read and rate. You may rate them either good or bad, but make sure you are honest. Rating others people work as bad when it is really good won’t help you, because your one bad rating will be undone by all the other good ratings.

If your article receives many excellent ratings it will become one of the top writings for that subject. You earn money from this website by receiving a part of the advertising revenue that makes. For instance if someone reads one of your pieces and clicks on an ad, you then receive a part of the money that Helium gets.

At this time they won’t say how much they split the ad revenue, but as long as your article remains on their site you can earn money from it. Plus they never remove any articles.

The only sure way to get a highly rated article is to research your topic and know what you are talking about. Some topics are more profitable to write for than others. Some of the higher paying topics include; personal finance, health and medical, and business.

We give each site a rating from one to five, one is the lowest score and five is the highest

Our Rating for Helium: 5!
This is an awesome site and fairly new, they stared in October 2006. Instead of a flat fee for each article you submit you earn money for every time someone clicks an ad while reading your article. Although you won’t be able to make a lot of money quickly you can slowly build up your income and make money.

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