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Review of Harris Poll

They are owned by Gordon S. Black Corp. and have been in business since 1997. For participating in short online surveys you receive Hipoints. You get a bonus of 200 points for joining and can redeem your points for rewards once you've accumulated 1000 points. Hipoints can be exchanged for CDs, DVDs, stereo equipment, DVD player, and other merchandise but not cash. Usually you will receive between 50 to 200 points depending on how far you get in a survey.

In addition to receiving points for your participation some surveys offer a cash reward sweepstake for one lucky panelist. Sweepstakes are worth between $100 and $10,000. If a survey has a sweepstake it will say in the invitation.

We rate every site we review to give you an idea of how good or bad they are. Our rating is from one to five, one is a bad score and five an excellent score. The criteria:

  • Number of surveys opportunities we are given.
  • How much we earn per survey.
  • How fast they send the reward.
  • Harris Poll: Three

    Typically we receive one survey invitation every week. You will earn between 50-200 points for completing a survey and some surveys have a sweepstake. Points can be redeemed for merchandise which has free shipping. It takes about 2-3 weeks to receive your prize through the mail.

    Join Harris Poll Online

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    Contact Harris Poll:
    Address: Gordon S. Black Corp.
    135 Corporate WoodsRochester, NY
    Phone Number: 716-272-8400
    Email: dnsadmin@hpol.harrisinteractive.com

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