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Get Paid to Write Articles

Many webmasters know that writing articles is a good way to receive free one-way
links to their website. But now there are sites popping up that will actually pay you to
write articles.  You can actually make some decent money writing articles; the sites
differ in how much they pay you, but most pay $3 to $10 per article.  You can also
earn a recurring payment every month for your articles.  How this works is you share
the ad revenue with the website that publishes your articles.  For instance some of
my articles receive a couple hundred page views a month, and I make about
$5/month for my top articles.  It's really easy for me to write articles, I can usually
write one in about two to four hours depending on if I have to do any research for
the article.  

This can be a fun way to earn extra money, because you get to pick the topics you
want to write about.  There is a wide range of topics to choose from including;
books, movies, music, TV, video games, cars, business, job searching, marketing,
real estate, education, medicine, beauty, dieting, exercise, pregnancy, mental health,
holidays, home improvement, decorating, gardening, humor, crafts, hobbies, dating,
relationships, food, wine, parenting, pets, shopping, weddings, news, opinion, prose,
poetry, short stories, memoirs, recreation, gambling, seniors, society, government,
nonprofit organizations, people, religion, sports, technology, science, tutorials, travel,
and many more. Anyone can find a topic they like to write about, that’s what makes
this easy.

Most paid to write article sites do have requirements, concerning length and content.  
An article must be at least 300 words long.  Usually the longer the better, but don’t go
overboard and write a ten page essay.  

Your article must be rich in content.  This means you should actually know what you
are talking about.  The best articles will tell your readers something they don't already
know, or if you can teach someone an easier way of doing something.  For example,
don’t write an article about fishing if you have never fished before.

I also want to share with you some marketing techniques.  Since some article sites
pay more according to how many people read your article, getting more visitors is
key to maximizing your earnings.  What I do is, once I am finished with one I submit
it to social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Del.ico.us.  There
are litterally dozens of these kinds of sites that let you submit your articles too.  It's a
great way to get links to them.  I also run a couple of free blogs on Blogger and
Wordpress.  If you already have your own blog you can plug your articles there too.

One last tip, I have my wife proofread my work before I publish it.  It's a great way
for me to have an extra set of eyes look at it, and she provides many good insights
that I might have missed.  If you have someone else who can read your article I
highly recommend you let them, it's been a great help to me.

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