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Freelance work exchange is an excellent website if you are looking to work
from home.  There is a small membership fee, $2.95 for a 7 day trial and
$29.95 a month if you decide to become a member.  You can find many
great jobs you can perform at home on your computer.

Freelance work exchange posts new jobs daily.  If you are a computer
programmer, a writer, a web designer, an illustrator, a translator, an internet
savvy person, or a data entry person you will be able to find good freelance
work.  Even if these fields aren’t your specialty you can find a work at
home job that fits you.

Some jobs listed at freelance work exchange for programmers include;
developing an online calendar creator in MySQL, creating an AIM blocker,
and creating databases.  You should know MySQL, PHP, Perl, and/or C++
to apply for the programming positions.

For writers:  writing self-help E-books, Christian books, short articles about
infant and juvenile products, and proofreading for grammatical and sentence
structure errors.  Make sure you show the employer some writing you have
done in the past.  This will help you land the job.

For web designers:  designing websites for start-up companies and larger
companies.  Responsibilities include graphic design and Flash and
Shockwave presentations.

Illustrators:  creating company logos, online banner ads, and illustrations for
e-books and print books.  You should be able to make hand and computer
illustrations.  Many businesses will have you send them some examples of
your work before they hire you.

Translators:  Translating websites from several languages including Chinese,
French, Spanish, German, Japanese and others to English.

Internet Savvy People:  Researching information about businesses and
customers through the web.

Data Entry:  Entering data into databases should be able to work a set

Freelance work exchange only lists legitimate businesses that will pay you
on time for the labor you provide.  I highly recommend them to everyone to
try them out for their 7 day trial.  There is no obligation so if you aren’t
satisfied you can cancel at anytime.  Make sure you have your resumes
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