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Advice Article about First Date Etiquette

In this article I am going to express my thoughts on first date etiquette.  
Please keep in mind that I am not a dating expert and am only basing this
article on my past experiences.  The topics I am going to discuss include;
who should pay, where you should go on a first date, and how far should
you go.

In the past men usually paid for dates.  Nowadays some people might be
uncertain as to who should pay for a first date.  I suggest that the man
offers to pay, and if the woman has no objections then everything is fine.  
If the woman wants to pay for half or all of the date then the man should
allow her.  I don’t think it’s a big deal as to who pays for the date as long
as you both have a good time.

Some people like to go to the movies for a first date, but I think this is a big
mistake.  A better first date is one where you are active.  Maybe you could
go dancing, ice-skating, bowling, skiing, surfing, or anything where you are
doing something and not just sitting there passively.  Why, because a lot
more energy is being used, and you are actively engaging each other.  This
way you will have more to talk about on your next date.  Plus you might
accidentally bump into each other or some other sparks may fly.  Just make
sure that you are both interested in the activity you choose.  If one person
doesn’t like it he/she will be bored or unhappy and that puts a downer on
the whole night.

Another concern about first dates are how far should you go.  I would
suggest going as far as you feel comfortable.  If you don’t want to kiss the
person when they leave then don’t. You don’t have to do anything you don’
t want to do!  Don’t feel obligated to do something on a first date.
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