Assessment of Email Pays U

E-Mail Pays U is an average get paid to read website. They have been in business since 2001. They credit your account $10.00 when you first join and the minimum payment amount is $50.00 for your first check and $15.00 for every check after your first. There are several ways to earn with E-Mail Pays U; you can get paid to read emails, you click on ads through their site, and you can try out offers.

They send out emails that are either worth cash or points. The cash emails are worth $.02 each and the points are exchanged for cash six times a year. You won't earn that much for point emails and you will receive a max of 3 - 5 emails a day.

Another way to earn with E-mail Pays U is their paid to click section. After you log into your account they have an area where you simply click on ads and you receive $0.005 per ad. You can click on up to 6 ads a day. So really you can only earn 2 cents a day by participating in the paid to click section.

They also offer a paid to sign up section. You can earn between $0.50 to $15.00 depending on the offer. Many of the offers are free trials, so make sure you cancel the trial or you will receive a charge on your credit card. They also offer completely free offers but these usually pay less than a dollar.

E-mail Pays U has a referral program. Their referral program is 2 levels, but they don't say how much you earn per referral.

We base our reviews of paid email programs on the following factors:

  • How much we earn per email ad
  • How many emails we receive a day
  • How much we earn per referral
  • Our ratings range from one to five, one is a terrible site which you should avoid, and five is outstanding.

    E-Mail Pays U Earned a Rating of: 3
    They are pretty average among other paid to sites, and they don't have anything that seperates them from the pack. Although the do have excellent customer service and actually list their phone number on the front page.

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