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Ebates is a shopping rewards website. This means they give you a little extra discount for shopping online at stores through their site. Typically you will receive between one to five percent off the total purchase, which is then accumulated in your account but you will not receive this money back right away. You need at least five dollars to collect your earnings.


  • Receive a five-dollar sign-up bonus, but you will forfeit this bonus if you donít make a purchase within ninety days.
  • Daily Double Ė every day Ebates will give a bonus to the regular discount, and every day itís a different store. You can receive email alerts that will announce which store has the discount of the day, so you donít need to visit Ebates every day to check.
  • Referral program - earn five dollars from every referral that makes one purchase.
  • Coupons
  • Searchable database Ė if you canít find the store you want to shop at you can simply type in the name and Ebates will tell you if they have a discount for that particular store. If it doesnít it will show you coupons and shopping discounts for stores that are related to the one you searched.
  • They mail payments quarterly, if you have at least earned five dollars and one cent. If you have less than five dollars your earnings will be held over until you have over five dollars.

    Ratings range from 5 to 1

    Our Rating: 4
    I really like the ease of use of their website, it is easy to navigate and find the discounts on stores that you want to shop at. They also provide some coupons.

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