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Club Nintendo

I own a Wii and was watching some videos in the video channel and found something interesting called Club Nintendo. It is a rewards site that lets you register your Wii console, DS handheld, and games for coins.

After you complete registration and confirm your email address you can log in and do a thank you survey for thirty coins. This survey asks you questions about your gaming behavior; ie what kind of games you like and how much time you spend a week playing.

When you register a game you need to take a survey in order to receive your coins. A game survey asks you how you heard about it; commercial, websites, friend/family. What made you want to buy the game; demo, played it at a friendís house, commercial. Itís pretty quick to complete and thereís only a dozen questions to answer.

If you earn 300 coins in a year you get gold status and if you earn 600 coins you get platinum status. Iíll give you more information about this at a later date.

The rewards right now are kinda slim. You can get posters, playing cards, greeting cards, bookmarks, and a few more items. Although they do seem to be adding newer items that can be redeemed.

Ratings range from 5 to 1

5 is the highest and 1 the lowest.

Our Rating of Club Nintendo: 3
Iím giving this a three because the rewards are really only meant for video game players and people that like Nintendo. If you do own a Wii though you should signup for this website itís a pretty cool way to let them know if you like a game or not.

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