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This dating site is owned by Inc. and has been in business
since 1999.  You can try them for free with a 10 day trial membership.  
This free trial receives all the features of a regular membership.  These
features include creating your own profile with pictures, receiving your
own personal email mailbox to collect other member’s messages, send and
receive messages, post prayers for those in need, and read the advice
column by Dr. Jim Rives.

Instead of cluttering up your personal email Christian Cafe provides one for
you.  This is a great feature that is easy to access once you log in.  Their
email system is very easy to use to send receive messages.

Another unique feature is the posting a prayer section.  If you know
someone who is sick or in need of spiritual help you can post a prayer for
them.  Other members can read your request and pray for them.

They also provide an advice column by Dr. Jim Rives.  These articles are
pretty good reads and cover a wide range of topics including online dating
etiquette, safe practices when meeting people from an online relationship,
how to improve your communication skills, and more.

Our ratings are based on the following criteria:

  • Features including:
  • Pictures
  • Chat rooms
  • Video Chat
  • Compatibility Tests
  • If they run a background screening.
  • How long the free trial is for.

Our rating is from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the best.

We Gave Christian Cafe a 4.
Our Reason:
This is a very good christian dating website, but we couldn't give it a 5
because they don't run a very thorough background check to check for

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