Paid to Surf Review

Cashfiesta is a paid to surf program. How it works is you download their program, install it, and there will be an advertisement bar that will be above your web-browser. The program you download is called the FiestaBar. You earn points for every hour you have the FiestaBar running. You might think you can cheat the system by leaving your computer on all night, but it wonít work, the FiestaBoy in the program monitors if you are making any keystrokes or mouse movements. If you havenít for a while the FiestaBar will show a red light that indicates you arenít earning any points.

There are three ways to make money with Cashfiesta. You earn points by using their paid to surf program. Points are converted to cash at the beginning of the next month. The exchange rate is based on the number of offers you have signed up for. At Cashfiesta you can also sign up for offers. You get paid for each one you sign up for, and you earn more money from surfing points. Also you can make money by referring people. They have eight referral levels and you earn money when they surf.

Currently they only pay though check and you can request payment when you have earned over $50.00 in your account. They do accept members from every country.

Zses.comís Rating of Cashfiesta: 1
You will never be able to reach the payout if you surf 24 hours a day. Unless you refer a lot of people or you sign up for their offers. They donít have many free offers so your will have to spend money to make money, which is why I gave them a bad rating.

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