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CashCrate is a relatively new get paid to website, they have been in business since February 2006. They do offer some of the highest payouts for some offers. Most of their free offers pay $.60 to $1.25. You do not receive any bonus for signing up, but the payout threshold is a low $20.00. Once you reach the that mark you will receive a check in the mail.

CashCrate provides ratings for their paid to sign up offers, but we aren't really sure why they provide the ratings since they don't explain why they have given a certain product a better rating over another. We suspect the ratings are there to make you feel like they have actually looked into the offer when they haven't. They have a two level referral system, which you earn 20% of your referrals earnings and 10% of their referral earnings. They have recently updated their referral system. At first you earn 20% and 10%, but if you get 50 or more active referrals you earn 25% and 10%. We assume there is another level higher, and we will let you know once we get 30 more active referrals.

Ratings range from five to one, five is the best quality and one is terrible.

CashCrate's Rating: 4
They have a better than average payout for their offers and have a low payment threshold of $20.00 so you can receive your money quicker than most sites. Payments are processed on the first of the month and it takes about three weeks to recieve your check.

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