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Review of Brand Institute

Brand Institute is a very good survey site to participate in if you are in the health or pharmaceutical industry.  You can earn $5.00 to $25.00 if you are in that industry. If you are just a regular consumer you can earn $2.00 to $15.00 per survey. We receive about 1 survey offer a week, but we have never qualified for a survey.

We have heard some bad comments about Brand Institute. Some people have claimed that they were never paid, but after calling the phone number listed on their website they received their money.

Our rating is from one to five, one is the lowest score and five the greatest. Our rating is based on the following:

  • How many surveys we receive in a time period.
  • How much we make per survey completed.
  • How fast they send payment.
  • Brand Institute's Score: 2
    We highly recommend joining this site if you are in the medical industry, because they have many surveys directed at you. If you are not in the medical industry (this includes nurses, doctors, professors, teachers, and hospital staff) you would probably earn more money joining a different survey panel.

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