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At first glance AWSurveys appears to be a legitimate paid survey site. But while I was reading through their frequently asked questions a few red flags popped up. The first major concern was their minimum payment, which is $75.00. This is one of the highest minimum payouts I have ever seen of a market research company.

Another red flag was how much they claim to pay per survey. They say they will pay you $1.00 to $25.00 per survey. The $1.00 sounds accurate, but the $25.00 sounds pretty high. The most I have been paid for an online survey is $10.00. Although I have been paid more for phone surveys and product trials. AWSurveys doesnít mention providing either of these.

Finally they say they will credit your account $6.00 just to sign up. No legitimate market research site pays you that much money just to sign up. This leads me to believe that AWSurveys is masquerading as a survey site but is really a paid to try.

Our Rating of AWSurveys: 2
Although we donít have any proof that AWSurveys is a scam. We highly recommend that you pass on joining them. Many people have complained about their accounts being cancelled for no reason, and people not receiving their payment after they reached the $75 threshold.

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