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Our goal at Zses.com is to help you by providing free information about paid survey companies, dating sites, and credit cards. At Zses.com we rate and review these companies so you know which are the best. We also provide free advice articles.

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List of Market Research Companies - Also known as paid surveys. You can actually make extra money by participating in online surveys. In this category we evaluate companies that pay for your opinion. Our evaluations are based on how many surveys we receive from a company a week, how much we get paid per survey, and how quickly we receive payment. Most companies will pay between $3-$20 for a completed survey. We also provide an advice section which helps you learn how to make the most out of taking market research surveys and other ways of making money online and offline.

Review of Paid Surveys - We have done extensive research on each company to make sure they are a viable and paying business. In this section you can click on a companies name and find out the history of the company, how long they have been in business, what kind of surveys they give, how many surveys we receive a week, and how much we were paid per survey.

List of Paid Email - Since the late 1990s people have been able to read email's and receive a small payment for each. Although not as popular as they once were, you can still make some extra money if you read email and promote your referral link. On this page we have complied a list of sites that have paid us in a timely manner.

Review of Paid Email - On this page you will find the paid email websites rated and an in depth review of each company similar to our reviews of survey websites. We have written an article updating our views on some of the paid email sites. If you are interested in paid email programs you should check it out.

Dating Websites - There are dozens of online dating websites on the Internet. To help you decide which one is best for you we rate them based on the features they provide; if they run a background check on members, and how long their free trial is for.We also provide free dating advice articles.

Credit Cards - There are hundreds of credit cards you can sign up for, but how do you know which one is right for you? We have divided the credit cards into different categories like airline rewards, business, cash rewards, college students, prepaid, and more. This way you can narrow your search to the category you are interested in. For each card listed there is a brief description of the benefits and a link to a more detailed review. We have finished our new credit card website. Our new credit card site makes it easier for you to apply for a credit card by providing advice articles and a dictionary.

Recent Updates:

My site was hit with a lower ranking from the search engines. To try and improve my site I am erasing all the old links from the recent updates section.

Added an article on Paid Survey Scams; because I still see many people posting on forums about how they fell for this or that scam. I also finished a review on Ebates I will be continuing to add articles on shopping reward sites.

Just finished reviewing Club Nintendo and Toluna Survey. I gave both a three rating because Club Nintendo is really only for people that own their products and Toluna seems like it will take a lot of surveys before I will make the payout minimum.

Doing a major overhaul, I'm replacing a lot of dead links and adding pics of checks I've received as proof of payment from some sites. I'm adding this to help show people that you can and will get paid. I also added reviews of Swag Bucks and Winzy. If you find any dead links please drop us a comment, thanks.

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